Carleton County Amateur Radio Club

December 8th, 2013 Meeting Minutes



The December meeting of the CCARC was held at the Xplornet Building, Jacksontown.

In attendance, Danny Swan, Jason Carter, Tom Kimball, Adam Kimball, Eugene Culbert, Bob Slipp, Mike Simonds.

  • Meeting was called to order by President Danny Swan at 19:11

  • Previous meeting minutes were not available at this time.

  • Treasurer’s report:

    • Jason reported that after some bank fees our account has a balance of $811.22

    • Jason moved the report as read, Tom Kimball 2nd.

  • New Business:

    • Discussion about combining the secretary and treasurer position. At this time it may be a good idea to combine this position to simplify things and help the club get back on it’s feet. Further discussion on this will be held over until next meeting.

    • Discussion about membership dues. We have not charged dues due to lack of activity over last year but was agreed that not charging dues will not help club regain momentum.

      • Bob Slipp made motion that we charge partial membership dues of $10.00 for remainder of fiscal year, as of meeting tonight.  Tom Kimball 2nd. Motion Carried.

    • Discussion on club bylaws. It has come to the conclusion that we are unable to find any record of club bylaws. We reviewed and discussed bylaws written by VE9TCA club and agreed that we should draft new bylaws.

      • Adam Kimball made motion that we draft new club bylaws to present in the new year. Eugene Culbert 2nd. Motion carried.

    • Discussion on advertisement and exposure of the club was brought up by Mike Simonds.

      • Mike Simonds made motion that we explore recruitment and retention ideas in the new year. Adam Kimball 2nd. Motion Carried.

    • Discussion on future of Jacksontown site. Danny Swan reported about the Jacksontown site where our VE9CCR repeater resides. The site is in poor condition, the generator is gone, and only our repeater and agriculture repeater remain there. Bentley Boucher, employee of Bell Aliant stated that they plan to close down site in near future.

    • Discussion on packet repeater. Danny Swan retrieved the VE9CCR packet repeater from Jacksontown site as it was not functioning, and with the future of the site uncertain, decided explore other installation locations. It was mentioned to get a quote from Custom Communications to purchase the equipment to combine our VE9TOW and packet station on one antenna, and a quote on an install of antenna on the estabrooks Mountain tower.

    • Discussion on a fundraiser. Danny Swan brought up that we could possibly get a firepit donated by Craig Manufacturing to sell tickets on. This would also act as a exposure avenue for the club.

    • Discussion about field day. Adam Kimball talked about possible field day activity for the club. Adam has made contact with a representative for the town of Woodstock and has approval to set up field day in the town. More discussion to be held about field day at future meetings.

    • Discussion about our ability to offer tax incentive to possible supporters of the club.

      • Adam Kimball made motion that we investigate what we can offer to possible supporters for tax incentives from donations. Jason Carter 2nd. Motion Carried.

  • Jason Carter moved the meeting ajourned at 20:46.

Danny Swan, President.

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